Where fish sings

“Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he can feed himself for life”

Chinese Proverb


At the end of my vacation time, I was searching for an end with high notes. Rio was weeks from then and fades into the past… I needed something else, something new.

It was that way, when I was at the pool at the club talking to a friend, when he started talking that he would have to go fishing in a couple of days.  I always wanted to experience it! That could have to be my opportunity. Then we made some arrangements and booked the date and place.

“Do I need something to take with me?” I asked and he said: “Nothing! Just the will to fish! ”

When the day came I was really excited.  We arrived to the place, a very humble port, and we started unpacking the fishing equipment we needed.  Hooks, fishing lines and the most important stuff, a cast net; which is a circular fishing net with small weights distributed around the entire circumference of the mesh.

The bay was really quiet, calm and peaceful.  The sun spread its light throughout the surface of the river making the water looked like a big mirror.   In contrast to the bright sun on the river we saw the port employees unloading bags of vegetables. They were working really hard.  Small boats and canoes were painted in bright colors.  They were lined up in the bay waiting for their crew for a new adventure.


Once the fishing equipment was organized, we had to add some important stuff like water, sunscreen protection, our hats, our photo camera and a cutting plier to clean the fish […if we were lucky!]

Before we board the canoe, we agreed to leave our cell phones, problems and concerns at the bay.   We wanted to find the connection between man and nature.


Then we board the canoe one by one taking care of equitably distribute weight.  We were five in that small canoe ready to go and catch at least a big fish.   Experienced took control: one of us rowing and another one to the fishing net. The rest had to remain as spectators; watch and learn,  at least for the first time.


Edgar, the experienced fisherman commanded the canoe.  He was “at the front” watching and searching for clues where to throw the fishing net.  The first minutes were very relaxed. We stayed quiet watching the water surface… Suddenly Edgar saw some movement a few meters in front of us.   Then he threw the net, waited to feel movements on the rope and then proceeded to pick up the network again.


“Watch out boys!” – Edgar said and we started seeing something great:  ¡The net caught three big fish! They were two bogas and a doradillo… they made a strange sound like a short snore. We started laughing… “They are singing in the net”, someone said.  The emotion was great.   Next, Edgar had to take the fish carefully from the net not to entangle it.   Then he analyzed the fish sizes.  One of them didn’t fit the regulations and had to be returned to the water… We had to respect the regulations not to cause damage to nature.


Then we had to move to another place down the river searching for more fish.  Once again we had to see the surface of water trying to see fish movement or a signal of them.   Then Edgar threw the net again.  This time, unluckily, without catching any fish.


But the third try was great! We could hear again what we call “the fish sing” […] this time were four big fish in the net.  One of them was a Piranha who got entangled in the net.  Edgar had to use the cutting pliers to release the Piranha and avoid damaging the net.


We repeated the process for about 2 hours […] sometimes with luck, sometimes without it.  In that period of time we caught four big Bogas, three Doradillos, one Palometa, two Blanquillos and a big Piranha.


After that we had a gap period […] we couldn’t caught any fish.   Edgar said the winds caused the fish goes deep into the river.  The wind changed its directions three times in six hours.


When we decided to turn back we did our last attempt, just in case […] and the surprise was huge; Edgar pulled on the rope to raise the net.  He opened his mouth and eyes at the same time and we started wondering what had happened, then he said: “It’s something big…”

Edgar had to pull hard on the rope while the rest of us tried to balance the canoe.  When he finally managed to balance the canoe he dragged out of the water the net taking with it a big big fish!   It was a 95 centimeters long Sorubim!  We had to held the creature from its tail to avoid get injured by the spines in its fins.  Meanwhile one of us had to take the cutting pliers to take off the fins.

At the end we had to come back to the bay.  The fish was too big and it could have jumped out of the canoe.

We were really happy then.  It was an awesome experience.  We shared experiences, knowledge and we could learn from each other and from nature.  After that we had to learn how to clean the fish and learn how to cook it… but that was another story.


It was a peaceful time. We found a place where no one could bother us. We gotten a chance to think, a place to get away and just listen to the magical fish song. Yeah!


  • Julian February 18, 2012

    WakkoWarners Blog Rocks! Nice work, I’m really jealous about the Surubi, enjoyed alot of it in Bolivia, delicious. Thanks for the effort, cheers Julian and Kathrin

  • evelyn February 21, 2012

    Grande aventura “tranquila”, pessoa sortuda você!!!

  • Ana February 25, 2012

    Nice storytelling! It made me feel like I was there, caught up in the excitement of catching fish. And I learned something new, I didn’t know that fish could “sing”.

  • Grazyna Foxman June 6, 2012

    My brother suggested I might like this blog. He was entirely right. This post truly made my day. You cann’t imagine simply how much time I had spent for this info! Thanks!

  • Christina Wegiel February 22, 2014

    My dream retirement involves traveling domestically and internationally to operate on environmental causes.

  • Herb Golba March 31, 2014

    Excellent post, you have pointed out some great details, I besides believe this s a extremely great web site.

  • Fabio November 10, 2016

    I think you did great here Wakko… Great experience and avesome story of friendship and sharing!

  • craig A rice July 9, 2017

    Nice work!


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